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Professionally trained, qualified & UKCP registered (since 1993), I practise as a counsellor and psychotherapist. My practice, based in Truro and Wadebridge, also includes clinical supervision for other counsellors and psychotherapists.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, currently I am not working in the standard face-to-face way.  However, I am conducting online sessions using Skype or Zoom; alternatively, telephone appointments may be an option.

The one-to-one ‘therapy’ I offer incorporates both counselling and psychotherapy; that is, a few solution-focused sessions over a brief period OR a longer-term approach for a more in-depth and insightful exploration of yourself and your situation in life.

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My consulting room in 26 Lemon Street is just across the road from the Truro Plaza cinema.   The room is on the 1st floor and provides a quiet, discreet and comfortable area.  It is an ideal setting in more ‘normal’ circumstances than at present, except if you are unable to climb stairs in which case alternative arrangements can be made.  Counselling and psychotherapy clients come from all walks of life, with much variation in terms of ages, backgrounds, and reasons for making a consultation.

Here is a summary of what you as an individual client can expect:

  • safe, private and confidential sessions for you to be heard, to discuss, and to gain more understanding of feelings and experiences
  • a therapeutic relationship that is non-judgemental, validating and of professional integrity, where you can bring all aspects of yourself with all your past experience and current concerns
  • interpersonal support, and help with developing your capacity to self-support (which may include more emotional expression OR more containment of feelings that would otherwise be unbearable or overwhelming)
  • creative and constructive challenge and, when appropriate, the invitation to explore difficult or painful feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.  You may agree to be challenged in order perhaps to find more self-acceptance and to discover new ways of responding to others
  • time to gain more awareness of yourself and your present day circumstances, so that you are empowered to see more choices for the future in your life and relationships

Counselling room in Truro

My experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist

Over the last 27 years, I have provided counselling and psychotherapy for clients who have presented with issues in the following areas:

    • LOSS AND TRAUMA: Bereavement (see FAQs), separation, relationship breakdown, childhood or recent abuse (sexual/emotional/physical), bullying
    • WORK/CAREER: Stress and burn-out, communication problems, unfulfilled potential, redundancy
    • RELATIONSHIPS: Conflict, loneliness, difficulty with intimacy, sexual concerns, problems with jealousy, parenting issues
    • EXISTENTIAL CRISIS: Loss of or lack of meaning and purpose in life, mid-life crisis, cancer and terminal illness
    • DEPRESSION: persistent low mood, lack of energy and motivation, general feelings of unhappiness
    • ANXIETY: low confidence and self-esteem (see FAQs), mood swings, self-destructive behaviour, chronic stress
    • ANGER MANAGEMENT: Rage, learning appropriate expression of anger, inability to express anger and to set boundaries
    • OTHER ISSUES: Eating issues, panic attacks, confusion, sexuality, gender, self-image and identity, life change and personal development


 You are welcome to contact me

The first step to finding out whether counselling/psychotherapy may be beneficial for you is to make contact for an initial consultation during which we would discuss the possibility and advisability of further sessions.  I can give you an idea of what would be involved and what I consider may be achievable.  Of course, you will be under no obligation or pressure to continue.  Any communication between us will be treated as confidential.

The goal of your counselling/psychotherapy will be discussed at the outset, and would be the subject of frequent review between us.  The agreed aim will depend upon what you want as a desired outcome.

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The fee for a one hour session is £40 for individuals.

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Note: I retired as an Osteopath in April 2015, but continue to practice counselling/psychotherapy based at Wadebridge Osteopaths:

As a clinical supervisor, my work is in private practice AND for the NHS. For more information about clinical supervision: see